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Tech Demos

Scumm Bar 3D

Scumm Bar 3D playable in ScummVM with RVX mod prototype, using voxel projection mapping. Collaboration with FOA_SE. VGA and EGA versions.

   YouTube (VGA)    YouTube (EGA)    twitter (VGA)    twitter (EGA)    github


Sierra-style AGI graphics but in 3D, voxels w/ custom renderer.

   YouTube    twitter    github


Escape From Castle Matsumoto (in development)

Escape From Castle Matsumoto

Classic-inspired heist duel game. Coming 2024.

   Trailer (YouTube)    twitter

Enclosure 3-D

Enclosure 3-D

Sierra-style AGI adventure game by Femo Duo Entertainment remastered in 3D. Full game, free to play, cross-platform.

   Trailer (YouTube)

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It's time for your annual retraining as an air traffic controller. Can you still handle the pressure?
Mini-game made in 48 hrs for Ludum Dare 49 game jam, taking 23rd place.
Open source.    Ludum Dare    github

Miner Rescue

Miner Rescue (

Ride a mining cart downhill... in the dark!
Mini-game made in 48 hrs for Ludum Dare 48 game jam, 8th place in graphics.
Open source.    Ludum Dare    github


Shader Glass

ShaderGlass (YouTube)

Overlay for running GPU shaders on top of Windows desktop.
Open source.

   Demo (YouTube)    github


Small open source projects on github: